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Re: New package

On Thu, Oct 20, 2005 at 05:20:01PM +0200, hans-u@t-online.de wrote:
> Srry, I did not test the mentionend programs. I just found the configuration 
> of xhkeys just easy and it useful for all keyborads with additional 
> functions. I had the idea in my mind, if this program will be liked by others 
> (who do not know it yet, because it seems very unknown, as I saw in the 
> mailing lists) , it could establish a set of preconfigured samples of 
> keyboards. This would have been my second idea to the community.
> And as there was just a rpm-package and no debian-package avalable, I did it 
> by myself and built one.
> I know, it could be not perfect, so I asked for support. It is my first try, 
> to build a package. It is always the first time. :)

Well did you place the source package somewhere?  Even if it isn't
accepted you could always gets tips on anything you should do different
next time you build a package.  Or you can get confirmation that you
already did everything right.

> Yes, you are right. Sorry, I didn't know it better. So please forget my mails. 

Well debian does seem to be all about having choices, so packaging new
stuff is generally welcome.  Hopefully you can find someone to sponsor
the package.  Why else do we have a dozen or so mail server packages
availble. :)

Len Sorensen

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