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Re: beta status

On Fri, Nov 04, 2005 at 02:17:22PM -0600, Eric Shattow wrote:
> I have used miBoot on a nubus ppc mac (6116cd) and it is not the
> optimal solution. My suggestion as a user is that you forget about
> using miBoot at all, and foster development for a new GPL'ed
> bootloader based on EMILE. Laurent (EMILE author) has said it is a
> matter of limited time that EMILE is not written to support ppc. Focus
> on EMILE for 68k and nubus ppc.

Yeah, i know, but i have neither the time nor the hardware to do this, and
notice that miboot is for oldworld powerpc, not nubus, and is here now.


Sven Luther

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