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Re: Mirror list

Am 2005-10-31 11:04:26, schrieb lordSauron:

> > Besides the current set of mirrors seem pretty good to me.  I often get
> > 560KB/s on my 5Mbit link from the mirror I use.  http works great for my
> > needs.
> I hate you....  not really, I just hate that you get such fast
> downloads... y'know, that evious sorta hate?

@home I am at <http://www.wanadoo.fr/>, have a 8 MBit ADSL and get
around 832 kByte/sec from <ftp.debian.org> and <ftp2.de.debian.org>.

My Servers in Pais/FR and Offenburg/DE are Sun with 96 x 74 GByte
SCSI Drives divided into six Raid-5 of 1 TByte. The first Raid hold
my full Debian-Mirror.

The second Raid-Array is reserved for my PostgreSQL...

Then I have an identical thirth Server which is curently in
Strasbourg/FR but will go to Swiss if I find a place where I can
put a 700kg 19" Rack...

The first two are connected with a redunant E1 (~400 Euro/month in
germany or 1300 Euro/month in France) curently... but will get update
to E3 (1700 Euro/month in germany and 6000 Euro/month in france) in
the future...

Oh yes, traffic cost extra in germany...


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