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Re: OpenOffice e outros. [mixed pt_br & en]

English follows below.

Em 04/11/05, Pedro Henrique de Lira<pedro@dualtec.com.br> escreveu:
>  Olá pessoal, blz.

Oi Pedro , a debian-amd64 é uma lista em inglês. Se você não souber
inglês, tente a debian-user-portuguese. Vou responder em inglês e ver
se alguém da lista me corrige.

>  então adquiri recentemente um notebook com AMD64, baixei o iso do Debian
> AMD64, (falta o segundo DVD ainda) e já estou curtindo muito, mas tenho
> dúvida sobre aplicativos que usava e desejo usar, ele só roda programas
> compilados para 64bits? gostaria de instalar o OpenOffice, mas ele não
> aceita os pacotes i386, será que o único jeito e baixar o fonte e recompilar
> e outros programas mesmo procedimento?

Hi All, this guy recently purchased an AMD64 notebook, downloaded the
first DVD iso. He is enjoying very much, but has some doubts on the
apps he was used to and wishes to have.
Does AMD64 only run 64 bit compiled programs?
He would like to install OpenOffice, but it (his installation) doesn't
accept i386 packages. He further asks if the only way (to intall OOo)
would be to download the sources and recompile, as well as for other

Now, I'll try my best answers:
No, you _can_ run i386 apps, under a i386 chroot. See the Howto.
As this is your workhorse, it should probably be better if you
installed the i386 Debian, _unless_you_need the extra address space.
BTW, how much memory does your notebook have? I think I've never seen
a notebook with more than 4gigs.
So, if you install x86 debian, all your current problems are automagically gone.

Ah, and if you have enough band to download the DVD isos, you should
be better off with netinstall.

Now, please someone correct me if I am grossly wrong (sure I am).
Paulo Marcondes

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