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Re: flash on mozilla

Junichi Uekawa wrote:


Has anybody achieved flash on mozilla, firefox or epiphany ?
I looked for flash-plugin on amd64 but had no success.
I installed flash-player probing. Announces of flash-plugin needed
disappeared but now I only get one-color-square in place of flash-spot.
All suggestions welcomed.

If you find a page that libflash-mozplugin cannot display,
please report the URL.

Look around weebls-stuff.com. "Late Night Shopping" hangs on a Loading screen, "On The Moon 3" demands you download Flash 8, and "Clouds" causes moz to segfault or hang. Some of the really old stuff works though, as does the guy in the top left corner (/images/pork.swf) - though the t shirt is meant to display a random slogan, and doesn't with libflash0 in charge.

That way we may be able to get a better GPL flash plugin rather than having to rely on 32-bit proprietary code.

I'm doing fine with libflash-mozplugin, so your mileage may vary.


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