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Gxine / Xine chrashes

Hi together,

my gxine (Sid, amd64, all vanilla kernels) crashes very often. E.g. when
I want to listen to the German radio station swr3 or when I listen to
mp3's. Watching DVD's, it does not crash. Using gxine in chroot it does
not crash.

Starting gxine in a console window says:
tobias@tuxbox:~$ gxine
lirc: lirc_init failed. Make sure that you have lircd running
lirc: and that you have the permissions to connect to the socket

strace -e open gxine says:
+++ killed by SIGSEGV +++

Do you experience the same problem? If yes, how do you solve it? Or
should I write to xine-devel?

Greetings, Tobias

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