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Re: Dupal Opteron on Sarge


can you be more specific please ?
What do you intend to do with the server (Web,DB,DTP ;=) etc.) ?

If you consider running MySQL on the Opteron then you are in VERY good
hands *consult the mysql mailing list. There is enough info to keep you
reading for a month or so.

If you want to do DTP than you just wasted your money ;-).

In order to give a better answer you should consider giving MUCH more
details (MB, Memory HDD interface etc).

F.e. I am using some of the the Tyan S2882UG3NR with 2-6GB Memory.

Which probably brings us to the next question.

Which HDD interface will you be using ?

Note that almost all Sata controllers are software based *except 3Com +
(one more I forgot).

This means that you will basically use the opensource driver when you
consider SATA.

I also tried Suse 9.2 *which is know a bit dated, which basically gave me
the best performance so far.

However for other reasons I decided that Debian is better for my needs and
future compatibility *ugrading etc.

If you are just after speed & power you may as well decide to wait for the
dual core CPUs to arrive.

One thing that is commonly reported and that I can also confirm is that
the workload on Opteron systems is usually quite low, even when running a
few tasks in the background. This is why Hosting companies like opteron
systems '=).

I hope that I could make a few valid points which can help you make a
decision. If you can give a few more details than I might be able to make
a more specific reply.

You may also be interested in some of my private scriples & notes which
are publicly available:


>>Choose "AMD Opteron 64 bit"
>>Page seems to be empty, so from the dropdown menu choose "From the

You should get some installation descriptons for Opteron based systems.

There used to be more info, however a harddisc crash sorted that out ;-).
I am still rebuilding the site.

Best regards

Nils Valentin
Tokyo / Japan

> I'm thinking about purchasing a dual Opteron server to run on Sarge.
> This is only my second server purchase.  My first server runs Debian
> Woody on a single Petium 4, 2.8 GHz.
> Can someone give me an idea of what kind of performance gain I would
> see?  I've tried hunting around for benchmark comparisons but haven't
> had success finding any because the processors target much different
> markets.
> Now for a more Debian specific question.  I read the AMD 64 how-to at
> https://alioth.debian.org/docman/view.php/30192/21/debian-amd64-howto.html.
>  They talk about "the quick way" of running 32-bit binaries on a 64
> bit system and installing a "Debian IA32 chroot system."
> Can someone tell me why I would do one over the other?
> Thanks.
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