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GRUB/LILO Fatal Error During Install of AMD64 on Dell Poweredge 1800 w/ CERC 6chan RAID

I am trying to install Debian AMD64 via the debian-31r0a-amd64-netinst.iso.  I use the automatic partition configuration tool and everything goes fine until it is time to install a bootloader.   Attempts to install either GRUB or LILO result in a fatal error:  
    Unable to install GRUB in (hd0).  Executing 'grub-install (hd0)' failed.  This is a fatal error.

attempts to install LILO on dev/sda and on dev/sda1 result in:
    Running "/sbin/lilo" failed with error code "1"

Looking in /dev I do not see any sdX entries.  All I see is /dev/scsi...not sure if this is normal.

Also,  attempts to manually boot with the following commands:
    grub>kernel /boot/vmlinuz root=/dev/sda1
Begins the boot process but it quickly fails with:
    VFS:  Cannot open root device "sda1" or unknown-block(0,0)
    Please append a correct "root=" boot option
    Kernel Panic:  VFS:  Unable to mount root ds on unknown-block(0,0)

I have no problems installing via the debian-31r0a-i386-netinst.iso

Dell PowerEdge Dual Xeon 3.0mhz
Dell CERC SATA 6 channel Hardware RAID (ADAPTEC 26110SA RAID Controller.  It uses the aacraid driver.  NOTE that the card is stamped with "Adaptec 26110SA" but I think people refer to this card as 2610SA.)
Single 40GB sata drive set up as RAID 0 on the CERC
Onboard sata control disabled
Onboard SCSI controller enabled...with nothing attached
Onboard IDE enabled with CDROM attached

Any thoughts?



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