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Re: Re : sata support

On Sat, Jul 09, 2005 at 08:25:52PM +0200, kohzak wrote:
> That's the motherboard for witch i was looking for information :)
> Your raid software is the motherboard one (from chipset, bios 
> configuration  ?) or you have create it during debian's installation ?
> And does anyone has try the promise chipset ?

When I checked a few months ago I only found a binary driver for redhat
for that promise 20378.  May have changed since, but I too run just two
drives in raid1 using md software raid.  I want nothing to do with the
software raid crap provided by the BIOS.  md raid I can fix manually if

In my experience Sil3112A chips work fine, the 3114 didn't work very
well last I looked into it, but that was a while ago and it has
hopefully changed since.

ICH5+, VIA, nvidia all seem to have working SATA support in linux too,
and some boards have 4 or more ports provided by the chipset already
without the use of add on chips.

Len Sorensen

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