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Re: X.org enters in Sid

Modestas Vainius ha scritto:

>2005 m. Liepos 13 d., Trečiadienis 15:22, v0n0 rašė:
>>mmmh, strange, it seems that not all packages are in unstable yet...
>Only Arch: all parts are in unstable currently. Better wait for -3. -1 FTBFS 
>on all archs, -2 may build OK on some archs (we are at this stage now), but 
>-3 will follow soon which should build fine on all archs (that's the plan of 
>Debian X Strike Force).
I can't wait for -3!!! In fact I'm running xorg now!!! I installed
xserver-xorg!!! Unpainful process! Thank you guys!!!
(it seems that my Geforce FX has a better performace with glxgears)

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