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Re: gaim upgrade

* Jean-Luc Coulon (f5ibh) (jean.luc.coulon@gmail.com) wrote:
> Le 13.07.2005 16:51:45, Bharath Ramesh a =E9crit=A0:
> > I just upgraded my machine today and found that gaim upgrade is
> > broken.
> > Gaim has been updated to 1.4.0-2 but only gaim-data is present. Is
> > there
> > anyway I can get gaim-data-1.4.0-1 so that I can install gaim and pin
> > gaim-data till gaim-1.4.0-2 is propagated into the amd64 repository.
> you can go to your mirror via ftp:
> i.e lftp ftp.de.debian.org
> cd to the pool directory
> i.e cd debian-amd64/debian-pure64/pool/main/g/gaim
> And get the old files:
> get gaim_1.3.1-2_amd64.deb
> get gaim-data_1.3.1-2_all.deb

Thanks got that installed and gaim works now :)

Any idea as to when gaim 1.4.0 might get in.


Bharath Ramesh       <bramesh@vt.edu>       http://csgrad.cs.vt.edu/~bramesh

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