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strange keyboard behavior

I have two partitions on my machine, a amd64 unstable install (
custom kernel) and an x86 sarge install ( custom kernel).

When I boot into the amd64 partition, and press M-< or M->
(beginning-of-buffer and end-of buffer in emacs) I usually just end up
with just < or > inserted but every once and a while I will get M-< or
M->, as intended.

If I hold down shift and meta, if I press > and '>' is printed, then
as long as I keep shift and meta down, it will continue to do so every
time i press >. Likewise, If I hold down shift and meta and press >,
if I get M-> it will give me M-< and M-> for as long as keep shift and
meta held down.

When I boot into the x86 partition M-> and M-< always work.  

I've tried several ps/2 keyboards, and this has been the case on all
of them. I vowed never to get a USB keyboard, but it looks like I'm
gonna have to.

Just curious if anyone else has observed this behavior.


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