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Re: GPG burns my notebook!

Am Donnerstag, 7. Juli 2005 20:06 schrieb antongiulio05:
> Hi,
> this is not a joke:)
> Reading posts about GPG-errors for last apt version, I have launched:
> apt-key add keyfile.
> At start, notebook temperature was for thermal 1: 40 C and thermal 2: 47 C
> (from 'acpi -V'). Running command above (and so 'gpg' process) my system
> becomes unstable (auto key pressing etc.), and temperature is jumped to 55
> C for 1, and 88 C for 2 in one minute. Top command returned 'gpg' cpu-usage
> 99%. Is it a debian problem or a notebook strange behavior? I have an acer
> 1524wlmi.
> Thanks
> Giulio
Hi Gulio,
sam to me. I also have an Acer1524WLMI, but everytime I use apt the cooler 
begins to run. Don worry, this seems to be o.k. I suppose, apt is using all 
the processing time, and so the AMD64-processor is getting hot. Remember, it 
so not a mobile-processor.

Othe thing by the way: I use Nvidia-acceleration, the glx module. When I use 
this, I cannot switsch to console. The screen is getting bright. Switching 
back to window-manager is o.k. This happens only with glx module.
The nv module works fine.

Best regards


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