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Re: Skype?

Am 2005-07-05 09:26:02, schrieb Lennart Sorensen:

> Asterisk PBX is for running real phone systems (not VoIP) over T1/E1
> (24/32 voice channels) and analog phone lines.  It does extensions and


So I must shutdown my Server now because it does not more work?


> skype and other VoIP systems are for making phone calls over the
> internet to other VoIP users, and on some systems (I believe skype is
> one of them) it also deals with transfering the call to a normal
> telephone and vice versa.  I am pretty sure asterisk also allows for
> VoIP but that is certainly not its main purpose.

"asterisk" IS VoIP.

At the beginning I had not telephoneline and used 'asterisk' to
connect kphone and some SIP-Phones to it, worldwide!  Then I have
instralled 6 Digium X100P Analog cards and now it is realy fun.


> Len Sorensen


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