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Re: Which ISO to download?

Dustin Nicholas Jenkins <at88mph@shaw.ca> writes:

> Hi and thanks for reading.
> I'm used to having only five different ISOs to download of the Woody
> version, number five being the one with the 2.4 kernel, but now I see
> there are thirteen of the AMD-64 ISOs and fourteen for the 32 bit
> Debian.  Can someone point me to documentation or advise me on which
> AMD-64 ISO to download?  By the way, I'm referring to the
> http://cdimage.debian.org/cdimage/unofficial/sarge-amd64/bt-cd site.
> Many thanks,
> Dustin

Download a netinst image unless you have a modem (not router) directly
connected to your system (and need it for internet).

Otherwise use CD1. Amd64 only have kernel 2.6.8 and i386 has 2.6.8 and
a 2.4.x kernel both on CD1.


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