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Re: cdrdao

On Thu, May 12, 2005 at 03:51:50PM +0200, jmt wrote:
> This package does not seem to be available, while needed for cd/dvd burning 
> under kernel 2.6.
> Does someone know reasons for that ?

Well cdrecord and growisofs both work great under 2.6, although neither
does the bin.cue and other disc at once stuff that cdrdao does.  I
wouldn't call cdrdao essential for cd burning at least.

Now as for why it isn't there, I don't know.  apt-get source cdrdao
seems to work on debian-pure64 at least, although apt-cache shows no
package for it.

After trying to build it, it appears it doesn't have a RULES file for
building the scsilib on x86_64 so it fails the build.  I will take a
quick look at it to see if the solution is obvious.

cdrecord uses a symlink from i586-linux-gcc.rul to x86_64-linux-gcc.rul
and from i586-linux-cc.rul to x86_64-linux-cc.rul, so doing the same for
cdrdao should work too.  It appears to since building works.

So to get a package for cdrdao do this:

apt-get source cdrdao
cd cdrdao-*/scsilib/RULES
ln -s i586-linux-cc.rul x86_64-linux-cc.rul
ln -s i586-linux-gcc.rul x86_64-linux-gcc.rul
cd ../..
dpkg-buildpackage -us -uc -b
cd ..
dpkg -i cdrdao*deb

Len Sorensen

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