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Re: Mirrors of AMD64

Joerg Jaspert wrote on 07/05/2005 18:17:
> As there are some questions about the mirror stuff I just put a small
> site together explaining the most important things to know.
> Look at it here: http://amd64.debian.net/~joerg/mirror.html
> Yes, we appreciate any new mirrors, so just mail me if you want to be
> one. :)

Hi. You mention on your page that some primary mirrors might offer
pushes to secondary mirrors. However the list of primary mirrors (on
http://amd64.debian.net/README.mirrors.html) doesn't state wether a
primary offers such a service. Would be nice if you could mention that
information there (if you could also give some contact information for
that purpose, that would surely be nice, too).

Also: Do all primary mirrors use the push service you offer?


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