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Re: Release critical bugs for amd64/sarge

Andreas Jochens wrote on 06/05/2005 08:58:

> Of course there are still a few other packages which did not apply the 
> necessary patches for amd64. However, I think that those packages and
> all their dependencies can simply be removed from the amd64/sarge release:

Oh well, there are a few I would surely miss:

> sarge/main/amd64 BTS Bug   Problem description
> ---------------- -------   ---------------------------------------------------
> binutils-avr     -         problem with genchanges
> etherboot        -      +  needs 'gcc -m32','as --32' and 'ld -melf_i386'
> gcc-avr          -         problem with genchanges

Not that I couldn't work around them missing in sarge/amd64.


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