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Re: Grub not installing properly

Jannick Ingo wrote:
> Hi !
> I just installed via a chroot install. Installed fine, no bumps…. But
> when i installled grub, checked grub bootimages, i couldnt find them.
> They are not in the /boot/grub dir.. Neither a config is there…
> I know what has to be there, actually the stage files from the host
> system could be used…
> ingo

The short answer is that you have to run grub-install, which:
- puts the necessary files in /boot/grub on whatever device you specify
- installs grub to the boot block of the device you specify

Then, you have to run update-grub to make a menu.lst.

...but there's more, and I don't want to type it all. Here's a little
howto I found for you:


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