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Re: Abit AX8 / IC Plus 1000 series Ethernet

IC Plus Corp. posted a new Linux driver for IP1000A (v2.07, Apr. 20, 05
and v2.07a, Apr. 25, 05; the only difference between v2.07 and v2.07a
is a small correction in readme.txt), that works flawlessly with kernel
2.6.9. However this driver fails to work with kernel 2.6.11: when
compiling, several warning messages "initialization from incompatible
pointer type" appear, and when loading, "IP1000 based ethernet device
not found on PCI bus". One problem of kernel 2.6.9 is the lack of
support for the SATA controller VT6421L (kernel 2.6.11 supports it). I
requested IC Plus Corp to update the Linux driver. Let's see what they

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