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Re: AMD64 megaraid2 support

I managed to get it install on a PowerEdge 2850 and have been meaning to
post/document how I did it, so this is a good enough chance. From what I
understand the 1850 is very similiar to the 2850.

Rather then use the latest installer, use the installer from Feb 14, the
last build of the installer using the 2.6.10 kernel before it went back
to 2.6.8 (I didn't find that out, got a link from someone on the list).
The monolithic CD image is at

Boot from CD, and do an 'expert' installation. At the first hardware
detection prompt (where it asks which modules to load) make sure and
deselect the megaraid module it detects, as it will not work. After
loading those modules, switch to the 2nd console (CTRL-F2), and do a
'modprobe megaraid_mbox' (works for 2850, not sure about 1850).

Do the normal install, setting alioth or a mirror of it when choosing
package sources.

After the installation is complete, but before rebooting, go back to the
console, mount proc in the installation target, and 'chroot /target'

If using sarge, add a line for sid to your sources.list, you'll need to
pull a 2.6.10+ kernel from there. Install the 2.6.10 kernel
appropriately, make sure grub installs, etc.

Edit the /etc/mkinitrd/modules file to reference your required SCSI
driver (megaraid2 or megaraid_mbox), then create a new initrd with
'mkinitrd -o /boot/<filename> <kernel-version>'. You'll need to specify
the kernel-version, since the kernel you want to build the initrd for is
different than the currently running kernel. Make sure that grub
references your newly created initrd, and reboot.

My first reboot hung while running hotplug scripts, but I haven't had a
chance to figure out what the issue was, I just removed the hotplug
package - anyone know more about this?

Also, the RTC driver won't like the generic, change
/etc/modutils/arch/i386 to include:
	alias char-major-10-135 genrtc

Joel Johnson
Unix Administrator
Information School
University of Washington

Hi, I was trying som weeks ago to install the pure64-distro on my Dell PowerEdge 1850, and it couldn't find the harddrives....
It has two Xeon 1,8GHz EMT64 cpu's, and it's sad not to use the 64-bit...
Until the megaraid2-driver is included in the installer, I "have" to use the normal i386-distro. :(
nyone that knows when support for megaraid2 will come?
Kristian Løining

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