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Re: Nvidia problems... again

On Wednesday 13 April 2005 2:09pm, Anders Peter Fugmann wrote:
> James Titcumb wrote:
> > Hello all,
> >
> > I've managed to set up nvidia drivers before on this amd64 machine, but
> > since I've upgraded to my new kernel 2.6.11 with realtime-lsm, nvidia
> > module doesn't want to work.
> Have you tried using a vanilla kernel (e.g., without the
> realtime-lsm patches?

Yes, check this first.

> Also I have noticed that NVidia does not work well with unordered IO.
> (CONFIG_UNORDERED_IO). I would check to see is this was set in your
> kernel congiguration.

FYI, I have this on, and nvidia works fine for me (xfree86 and nvidia 7174 
from pure64, kernel 2.6.12-rc2).

> > (**) NVIDIA(0): Option "NvAGP" "1"

As Anders says, change the "1" to a "2".  Actually this *shouldn't* matter as 
nvidia defaults to trying AGPGART first according to their FAQ, yet it does 
matter for me (and others).  Go figure.

> > (**) NVIDIA(0): Option "TwinView" "true"
> > (**) NVIDIA(0): Option "TwinViewOrientation" "RightOf"
> > (**) NVIDIA(0): Option "SecondMonitorHorizSync" "30.0-75.0"
> > (**) NVIDIA(0): Option "SecondMonitorVertRefresh" "50.0-85.0"
> > (**) NVIDIA(0): Option "MetaModes" "1280x1024, 1280x1024; 1280x1024,
> > 1280x1024;"

When troubleshooting a video problem, turn off all special features like 
twinview, and just see if you can at least get one normal screen on your 
primary monitor first.  Try setting up an alternate "basic" configuration in 
another xfree config file and temporarily switching to that one (you can have 
multiple config files and select from them with the -xf86config option to X - 
I have separate configurations for nvidia and nv drivers that way).

> Is the culprit the AGP setting? Try setting it to 2 (use Linux own
> AGPgart driver) or 0 (no not initialize AGP) for debugging purposes. I
> never understood why NVidia supplied their own AGP driver, as I have
> never made it work properly.

It worked for me way back when I used it.  The kernel's AGP driver was 
apparently not always as good as it is now, which is why they included their 
own.  :)

> Looking further at your log, I see that you try loading the dri and
> glcore modules. These should be replaced by GLX module when using the
> 'nvidia' driver. This, however, should not result in the error you are
> seeing.

But there will likely be some (non-fatal) errors later towards the end in 
Xfree/Xorg's log when it tries to load the default GLX driver.  Handling the 
different module setup between nvidia and nv drivers is why I use multiple 
config files.  It only matters if you're interested in 3D acceleration 

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