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Re: Installer and installed system differ in disk enumeration

A.E.Lawrence wrote:

> The problems arise before those options are available :-( But it is
> possible to use grub's editing options to get an initial system. Then
> one can edit the grub configuration and /etc/fstab to match whichever
> kernel is loaded. The point is that the installer is setting these
> things up incorrectly. Short of using something like disc labels or
> somehow ensuring that all kernels agree on enumeration in all
> circumstances, there doesn't seem to be an easy solution.

I do not want to engage in any argument here. And I do not want to justify why
I can install the system, and why you cannot, or at least you have some great

I have a similar set up with you:
ASUS a8n-sli Deluxe mbrd populated with 5 hard disks:

a) 1 scsi MO on adaptec 2940UW
b) 1 PATA primary master 
c) 4 sata on nv_sata, none on sil_SATA

In addition, I have 1 DVD-RAM, and 1 CD-RW on PATA secondary.

I do not use grub becasue it uses a kind of relative disk assignment: 1st disk
is hdd0, and 2nd disk is hdd1, and so on; thus if I change the disk
configurations, there is no easy way to boot the system, at least, to
grub-ignorant people like me.   And since you can edit grub setting, you should
be able to install lilo instead.

If you are using an installer, the steps are as follows, I think.  After a
chosen kernel is installed, we can choose a boot loader: grub or lilo.  I
believe grub or lilo is a mutually exclusive options; thus since you are
talking about grub, you are in the position to follow my suggestions.  Of
course, you can simply ignore me.

If I use non-default pre-compiled image, disk on 2940UW is recognized as scsi4
by the installer kernel, and the same disk is recognized as scsi0 by the
installed kernel.  But if I use non-default image, the SATA2 disk on nv_sata is
recognized as scsi0 by both installer kerenel and the installed kernel.

Toshikazu Aiyama

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