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Re: Ati chipsets

Niklas Ögren wrote:
I've heard rumour about Linux not able to support ati chipsets that much.. Is that a generic, or a pure64 problem?

Anybody been running pure64 (or x86 debian) on ATI RADEON® XPRESS 200P chipset?

I have the non-P version on an MSI board. User experience is _POOR_.

* Clock is at least 2x too fast.
* A lot of time is "wasted" in system mode, which could be a problem of the SATA chipset. No real idea what is causing it, though. * The SATA chipset is not really supported. SATA_SIL driver seems to work, but throughput is not really good. * The graphics driver from ATI does not compile on recent kernels, and I need one of those to get SATA running. * The IDE compat setting in the BIOS for the SATA does not work for Linux (not recognized as IDE drive), but for Windows XP and FreeBSD 5.3.

Generally you want to have the SATA_SIL and the ATI_IXP IDE drivers for the drive controllers that come with the chipset. I use VESA mode for X11 graphics.

Bad luck, I guess.

With kind regards,
Oliver Korpilla

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