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Re: vmware in 64 bit enviroment

On Mon, 2005-04-04 at 11:24 +0100, Dr Gavin Seddon wrote:
> Hi,
> Vmware runs on a chroot.  But I want 64bit capability.  Some time ago I
> bought vmware 4.52 and according to their w-site it will run on amd64.
> So I tried to install.  All is ok until just after the header files bit.
> Then it fails to build vmmon.o.  I have tried to get a precompiled
> module to put into my running kernel.  No success.
> Can anyone help?
You should definatly try vmware beta 5. I have sucessfully installed and
run it on debian amd64. Allthough the binary is 32 bit, it does not need
a chroot (ia32-libs is enough), and can execute x86-64 machine code
(which IIRC vmware 4.x cannot - vmware 4.x can run on amd64, but not
handle amd64 instructions from within the virtual machine). 

> The reason for wanting it running oon 64 bit is: I have a demanding win
> app that I need to run.  The alternative is buy the pgf compiler.  I
> don;t want to.
> Thanks
> Gavin.
Anders Fugmann

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