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Re: "rock solid" motherboard

Superuserman wrote:
The ABIT AV8 and my ASUS A8V both have the VIA8237 chip. The
problem with the VIA8237 is the same as all the rest: the chips are not supported by the kernel in RAID mode. There
are probably people someplace hacking around the kernel
drivers and maybe they will get things working someday.

The chip doesn't even have a RAID mode. With these chips, the RAID function has to be provided by software.
In Windows the RAID function is provided by the BIOS + the Windows driver.
In Linux the RAID function is provided by md or dmraid. And it is working today.

Paul wrote:
Generally speaking RAID0 doubles throughput for large writes as data is striped across both volumes, and has seek times the same as a single drive.

Not for chips on any AMD64 motherboard. This is not about
theory, this is about certain chips and how they work and
they don't work good enough to use their RAID capability.

Read this and weep:

That benchmarks were done on Windows. Therefore the results are influenced by the quality of RAID implementation in the BIOSes and Windows drivers. You can't draw any conclusions about how they will perform with Linux's md or dmraid.


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