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Re: VLC compile problem

Lorenzo Milesi wrote:

Just a quick help. I'm trying to compile VLC from source, taken from
I've installed libavcodec and liba52 from debian repository
Then I get this error message, when launching 'make'


Did you try:
		apt-get source -b vlc

Be sure to add a deb-src entry in /etc/apt/sources.list


AMD Athlon64 @2.4Ghz Corsair TwinX1024-3200XL @480Mhz DDR ASUS A8V Deluxe ASUS Radeon A9250Ge/Td/256 Creative SB Live WD Raptor SATA Maxtor PATA IBM/Okidata Color PostScript3 Lexmark Mono PostScript2 Debian GNU/Linux debian-amd64/pure64 sid Kernel 2.6.10 XFree86 4.3.0 Xorg X11R6.8.2 1.5 Mb DSL

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