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checklist before installing pure64


I will be installing pure64 on the following hardware soon. I've read
the FAQ, and have browsed through the posts here. However, before I
start, I'd appreciate if you could comment on the following
configuration, i.e. if you have experienced any problems which might
need attention before booting up the installer.

- AMD64 3000+, 2 x 512 MB DDR
- Gigabyte K8NXP-9, nForce4 Ultra chip
- PCI-E Gigabyte GeForce 6600 card with vivo features
- onboard sound chip: ALC850
- 2 onboard LAN interfaces Marvell 8053 and VITESSE 8201
- Belkin's USB WLAN interface, via the atmel driver

I will need the following non-ported software (chroot, I know):
- Opera
- Flash plug-in
- Java plug-in, and
- Internet Explorer via wine.

If you have any comments/suggestions/tips... Many thanks in advance!

Adam Podstawczynski

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