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Re: AudiglyLS sound

On Sun, Mar 06, 2005 at 11:57:59PM -0800, Brian R. Whitecotton wrote:
> I have tried exactly what alsa.opensrc.org has suggested and still alsaconf 
> finds no pci sound devices.  alsa-base  and alsa-utils are installed, 
> modules.conf and modutils shows all pertinent entries, modinfo soundcore 
> shows soundcore is present and loadable...this is frustrating.
> Any further insight that you may have would be very appreciated.

What does lspci -n |grep 0401 say?  Basicly what is the PCI ide of that
card.  The alsa pages seem to indicate they have two of the three
currently known about versions of the Audigy LS, and htey are not sure
if they have support for the last one right.

On a rant note: I am rather disappointed creative would stick the audigy
label on something so inferior (compared to the emu10kx based cards).
Way to confuse people who expect a high end card when they buy something
with the Audigy label on it.  I guess Audigy is just a new way to say

Len Sorensen

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