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RE: chroot + firefox + flash: sound

Yes, I use esd (in gnome startup). (and alsa)

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De: Joan J. Piles Contreras [mailto:jpiles@unizar.es]
Enviado el: lunes, 07 de marzo de 2005 10:24
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Asunto: Re: chroot + firefox + flash: sound

Castillo Mendoza, Juan Manuel wrote:

>I've a firefox + flash running into a chroot (32 bits).
>Is it possible sound? How do?
>thanks, and sorry for my English
Well, I got it working without any special setup... did you got the /dev 
directory in your chroot ok? Isn't the sound being already used by other 
process? I could see some trouble in that case (or if you use some kind 
of sound daemon).

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