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Re: Can't find kernel-source package?!


That makes a bit more sense to me now!

Thank-you for your help!


Aritz Beraza Garayalde [Rei] wrote:

After 2 days of googling and trying various APT mirrors, I simply cannot
find a kernel-source package that works for me.

My current mirror  is http://debian-amd64.alioth.debian.org/pure64/
sarge main non-free

I am using Debian 2.6.10-amd64-k8 (sarge) distro... I can find the
kernel-headers-2.6.8-10-amd64-k8, but no-where can i find the right
source package...

An "apt-get install kernel-source" will give me the following possible
 kernel-source-2.6.9 2.6.9-5
 kernel-source-2.6.8 2.6.8-13
 kernel-source-2.6.10 2.6.10-5
 kernel-source-2.4.27 2.4.27-8
 kernel-source-2.4.26 2.4.26-6
 kernel-source-2.4.25 2.4.25-3
 kernel-source-2.4.24 2.4.24-3
 kernel-source-2.2.25 2.2.25-3

And as far as i can see, the amd64 arch package isn't there....

sources don't have arch, can be compiled for any arch. (Maybe i
misunderstood what your problem was, my english is not that good
yet).You need kernel-source 2.6.10

Kernel headers do have an arch tag because they are binary kernel
specific (for each binary kernel you should have a kernel-headers
package, and you should look for kernel-headers-2.6.10-XX not
2.6.8-10, beacuse those are for kernel 2.6.8 only (package version

Aritz Beraza [Rei]

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