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Re: aptitude loosing its mind?

Ed Tomlinson wrote on 06/03/2005 00:06:
In any case, if you wish to keep it on your system, just mark it as manually installed 'm' in aptitude.

Is there any way to do this from the command line?

Yes, at least a workaround is possible:
Abort whichever operation would uninstall the package, then
aptitude install <package1> <package2> ....
To mark them as manually installed. If an update is available for that package, it will automatically get updated during this run, but you want that to happen anyway, don't you?

More to the point. Aptitude seems a little (just a little) brain dead. It might be a REAL good idea to see if anything from the package is running before deciding it should be removed...

Well, that won't work. Let's assume package X (and only that package) is depending on xfs. xfs is therefor installed (and as it is installed, it is also automatically started and running). Now you uninstall the package X which depended on xfs. xfs is still installed and running, do you uninstall it? Remember that nothing else depends on it.

If xfs would only be started if something actually is currently using it, your mechanism would work, but since daemons which are installed are (usually) automatically running, even if currently unneeded, it doesn't work.


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