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Success on MSI RS480M2 ATI Xpress 200 based mainboard


I would like to report success for installing Debian AMD64 on the MSI RS480M2 mainboard (socket 939) which is based on the ATI Xpress 200 chipset with integrated graphics. This was using the sid netboot ISO (20050303) and installing on a regular IDE harddrive (not SATA).

To get the install to work, I had to add the "noapic" boot parameter, otherwise the machine would hang before I even got to d-i, just after starting the logging daemons. After the install I still need noapic to keep it from hanging on boot, because of some IRQ problems when initializing the USB host I think?

I could not get DMA to work with the harddrive with either of the Debian kernels (2.6.8 and 2.6.10), hdparm gave an error message about permissions(?) IIRC. I also could not get keep settings to work. However, after installing my own kernel based on 2.6.11-mm1, I got both to work.

I'm using the vesa driver for X at the moment, until Debian gets X.org which supports the ati chip (radeon 9200 igp) or I figure out how to get the ati proprietary drivers to work after the changes to the 2.6.10/11 kernel I guess. ;)

For the mainboard compatibility list:

Mainboard: MSI RS480M2
ATA raid: ?
SATA: sata_sil (I believe, the module loads, but I have no sata drives)
Network: 8139too
Sound: atiixp (CONFIG_SND_ATIIXP=m)

Best regards,
Fredrik Vraalsen

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