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Re: Re: RAID bus controller: Promise Technology, Inc. PDC20376(FastTrak376)(rev02)

Goswin wrote:

I expect the raid chips will actually improve in the future and wonder
when they will arrive. Some of the older SCSI RAID controllers were
probably fairly good and the newer SATA RAID controllers should have
been introduced with at least that capability.

Why should they improve? There are better chips out there but they
cost more. The crappyness of the softraid chips is a choice dictaed by
money and that won't change.



I have decided the on-board RAID chips really are garbage, even the VIA.
This review shows the performance improvement is only slightly better if
at all (except that was XP):

This Linux XFS test probably proves the software raid is the winner:

These results now conclude my raid chip misadventure.

Thanks to all-


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