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Re: MythTv64

Guys, if you want to compile MythTV with gcc-3.4 which is what you'll need if you want the 64bit instruction set then you need to add these lines to your settings.pro before you compile. (I found them on a google search, they were on some Japanese page intermingled with the forien characters.)

CONFIG += release  /* this line exists */
QMAKE_CC = gcc-3.4   /* add this line */
QMAKE_CXX = g++-3.4  /* add this line */
QMAKE_LINK = g++-3.4  /* add this line */

isEmpty( PREFIX ) {  /* this line exists */

Then it'll compile with the "good" instruction set.

If anyone is using the AMD64 port with a pcHDTV card and has it working well. Please email me. I'm struggling with this card trying to get it working with Myth and 64 bits. I have it sorta working but it's hit and miss for watching live TV. If I try to go watch live TV it will work without sound 1 out of 10 times. The other times it just gives me a black screen while I can hear the drives working. It's like the frontend just freezes. I'm also trying out the DVB drivers but they are so cutting edge that there isn't really any "good" documentation on setting Myth up with pcHDTV in DVB.



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