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Re: MythTv64

>>>>> "Hanno" == Hanno 'Rince' Wagner <wagner@rince.de> writes:

 Hanno> Hiho, Dustin Nicholas Jenkins schrieb am 13. Februar 2005:

 >> Are there any in this list who enjoy MythTV on the AMD64 platform?
 >> I'm trying to build the new 0.17 from source, but make won't
 >> accept the -march=k8 argument. Is there something else I should be
 >> using to specify the architecture? The documentation specifies
 >> using k8.

 Hanno> I do. After patching some of the pthread-functions it works
 Hanno> like a charm. Which gcc do you have? -march=k8 only works iirc
 Hanno> if you have gcc-3.4 and g++-3.4

Where are these patches for mythtv? Are they in CVS?



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