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chroot and X

Hi folks,

I'm running amd64-debian from alioth and a Knoppix 3.7 on 2 differend
Partitions. The Motherboard from ASUS is Ok. The d-i found the hardware.
X runs on a Matrox G550. I don't need 3D for games. Ok, anything runs at
once, excepting burning dvd, 32bit plugins for mozilla, openoffice ...

Nothing new. After I have read the amd64-howto, I build a chroot to the installation of Knoppix on the
2. partition. Any commandline tool work fine. But I can't start any
xterm from my 64bit XFce: "could not open Display :0.0. From another
xterm I've set a "xhost +" to the windowmanager, to allow the access.

If I start X with "startx" from the chroot, the complete KDE from Knoppix starts
corectly. What is my mistake? Any idea? 

Please send a CC: to me, I don't have subscribe your mailing-list.
Thanks for answer,

Ralf Springwald

Und die See wird allen neue Hoffnung bringen,
sowie der Schlaf die Träume bringt, daheim
(Christoph Kolumbus)

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