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Re: aMule 2.0.0RC7 Font Size

I'm running the same version of aMule on Debian AMD64-gcc3.4 under GNOME and it works for me with UTF-8 and the fonts are as they used to be in i386 (size 11 or so).

However, I miss the short lived 2.0.0rc8/GTK+2 aMule (based on gtk+2.4 at that point) that I had for a week in i386 before moving to amd64. Any idea why it's not here yet? Maybe some problems with the dreaded wxGtk?

Philippe wrote:
Le lundi 07 février 2005 à 06:23 +0100, thierry a écrit :

Font size is really small, something like size 6, or even less, for the all amule window, except the title bar, where it's ok. I am runnign amule on a amd64 machine, with gnome. Is any one having this problem, or any one to help me out with that matter?

same probleme for me.
I installed
(modify XF86Config)

and it's ok now
(I hope I dont forget something...)

By the way for me amule crash with utf8


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