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Re: compiling custom kernel with gcc-3.4

Jonathan Marchand <jonathlela@gmail.com> writes:

> Hi,
> I'am running an amd64 laptop and I would like to build a kernel with
> gcc-.34 like the kernel images avaible on the internet. Therefore, it
> seems I can only build kernel with gcc-3.3. I did change some
> variables in the kernel-source's Makefile and the environment
> variables, but the resulting kernel is always compiled with gcc-3.3. I
> compile the kernel the Debian way with make-kpkg. Is there any options
> to add with make-kpkg to use gcc-3.4? Why the kernel-source package
> isn't configured to be build by defauly with gcc-3.4, it seems the
> more natural, or it is on purpose?
> I'm sorry I'm pretty unknowledgeable with compiling kernels and the
> different versions of gcc but any informations will be greatly
> appreciated.
> Thanks
> Jonathan

You can always read the kernel-image source to see how the gcc-3.4 is
passed to make-kpkg.


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