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Kernel panic on boot with 2.6.10 Kernel

Having until recently been using the stock 2.6.8-1-amd64-k8 kernel
(without problems), I decided to try and compile a new one myself.

Using the package for kernel-source-2.6.10 I compiled a monolithic
kernel with (I think) everything essential for boot compiled into the

In this configuration the startup successfully detects the existence
of both the SATA controller and IDE controller (and all the disks
connected to both correctly) and correctly prints out the partition
table for the SATA disk (which includes the root filesystem).

However, when it gets to trying to mount the root filesystem it
returns the error:

Kernel Panic - not syncing: VFS: Unable to mount root fs on unknown-block(8,5)

Block device 8 appears to be "sd" which I think is correct - the SATA
controller in question is listed under SCSI devices. sda5 is the root

The system is a Gigabyte K8N-Pro motherboard (nForce3 chipset). The
IDE controller uses amd74xx and the SATA controller sata_sil. The
config file for the kernel is attached.

The system is configured

BIOS boots (hd0,0) containing GRUB and kernels for a different linux
installation. GRUB points at (hd2,0) (sda1) which is /boot for
debian-amd64 containing the kernel, initrd etc. sda5 contains the root
filesystem, which is ext3.

The GRUB invocation is

kernel /vmlinuz real_root=/dev/sda1 root=/dev/sda5 vga=792
initrd /initrd.img

This successfully boots the previous stock kernel (2.6.8-1-amd64-k8).

I also attempted to compile the kernel with just about everything as
modules, and then create an initrd (mkinitrd with ROOT=probe in
/etc/mkinitrd/mkinitrd.conf). However, this configuration fails to
even detect the SATA controller and the above kernel panic line ends
with "unknown-block(0,0)" instead.

I've run out of ideas on this one. Am I missing anything obvious?

Many thanks

Gordon Ball

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