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Re: mozilla-thunderbird and drop-down menu transparency

mtms wrote:
On  3 Feb 2005, 23:32, tony mancill <tony@mancill.com> wrote:

Is anyone else using mozilla-thunderbird and having problems with selection
in drop-down menus?

Although I don't use it very much (mutt is my fav as a mail reader), it
works quite fine on my pure64 athlon box.

On my pure64 system, whatever option is highlighted/selected appears as a
solid white bar.

Hmmm... may I suggest to install the Crux theme on your gnome
environment and check if the problem still exhbits?

Well, that is a pretty good theory. It turns out that I as soon as I *removed* gtk2-engines-crux, the problem with mozilla-thunderbird menus went away.

Actually, due to dependencies, I had to remove several packages:

tony@honig:~$ sudo dpkg --purge gtk2-engines-crux gnome-themes gnome-desktop-environment gnome

So it's the existence of that package causes the problem. Note that I wasn't even using that theme - I'm running "Simple."


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