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Re: A bug in a nvidia package

A Dijous 03 Febrer 2005 07:10, Harald Dunkel va escriure:
> Leopold Palomo Avellaneda wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> > I think that I have found a bud in the nvidia kernel packge driver. Where
> > I that to report the bug?
> If this is specific to AMD64, then I would suggest to post it
> here. If this problem affects i386, too, then it should go to
> Bug Tracking System.

Hi, I have tested the same package in a i386 platform and works, no problem. 
The proble is that using libcoin40 and libsoqt-dev, and compiling a simple 
viewer with this libraries the executable gives this error:

$ viewcoin example.iv
Coin warning in SoQtGLWidgetP::isDirectRendering(): Could not get hold of 
current context.
viewcoin: gl.c:1778: cc_glglue_instance: Assertion `gi->versionstr && "could 
not call glGetString() -- no current GL context?"' failed.

This error is know in the past [1], and also in others distros [2] . Maybe is 
something stupid but I don't know what to do. I have also posted a message in 
the coin list and I hope we will find this.



[1] https://www.coin3d.org/pipermail/coin-discuss/2004-May/004281.html
[2] https://www.coin3d.org/pipermail/coin-discuss/2004-May/004290.html

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