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Re: Cross-compiling kernels

Alle 14:04, mercoledì 2 febbraio 2005, Goswin von Brederlow ha scritto:

> >> > I would like to compile kernels and modules with make-kpkg on my
> >> > athlon64 box.
> > I missed to tell that I would like to compile it for i386, on a pure64
> > system.

> >> Read the kernel-image-amd64 source. It's more complex.
> The kernel-image-amd64 package (cross)compiles a 64bit kernel on
> i386. To compile a 32bit kernel on 64bit you have to do the same
> except reverse the -m switch.

Tnx a lot, I did not noticed at first you were talking about a debian 
package :-)

> PS: The simplest way to compile a 32bit kernel on pure64 is still to
> create a 32bit chroot.

Ok, I got it. Thanks.

Marco Amadori 

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