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Re: suggestions for a 64 bit laptop?

I don't have any good advice but I can tell my very very bad experience with an HP amd64 laptop. I have an hardware problem with it (in the bios I have the message "No ide device detected" sometimes and the PC can't boot) and HP insist to tell me that it's because I have linux install on it. There are other problem with ACPI not possible (but I think it's a problem with the CPU AMD 3400+), the wireless card can work only with ndiswrapper so you can forget the pure AMD64 installation.

If some people have some advice for a good laptop with AMD64 with linux support on it that can be interesting.


Giacomo Mulas wrote:

Hello, I am a happy pure64 user on the desktop, and I would like to get a 64 bit laptop/desktop replacement as well. However, it looks like the models with large displays (15", more than 1280x1024) are only available with Intel 32 bit cpus (e.g. Dell), and vice versa. Any suggestions for a good Athlon64 laptop with a large display? Possibly one which is _known_ to work well with pure64?

Thanks, bye

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