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Re: Motherboard Report: Asus AV8-Deluxe (K8T800Pro)

I've also got an AV8-DX with Athlon 64 3500+, and have no problem with
it. It's very stable.

Your multitasking problem might be related to the way the new
scheduler in 2.6 works. I've got the same problem when running
applications that starts two or more communicating processes and when
the total application is running 100%.

The worst such application I know is modelsim. It starts one process
for the HDL-simulator and one for the TCL-interpreter. In many cases
are the HDL-simulator driven by TCL-scripts. In such cases can you end
up with both processes running 100% and communicating all the time.

The default 2.6 scheduler boost the priority for a process waking up
another process, and also boost the newly woken up process. In the
modelsim case is both processes boosted by the scheduler, and other
processes suffer soo much that the computer isn't usable for other
tasks at the same time as modelsim is running.

The simple solution for this problem is to run modelsim under nice
higher than 0. The 2.6 scheduler don't seem to boost applications with

2.4 don't suffer from this problem at all, I've tested on the same
hardware with the same applications.

/ Anders

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