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Re: libflac6 wacko dependencies

On Saturday 08 January 2005 06:14, David Liontooth wrote:
> Something went wrong with the dependencies for libflac6 on amd64.
> On i386 the package installs with no protests; in amd64 it requires
> the uninstallation of kdemultimedia, jack, and lots of others. Could
> the problem be vorbis-tools?

didn't try 32bit deb, but on amd the reason isn't the vorbis-tools. Libflac 6 
conflics with libflac 4, so selecting version 6 will deselect version 4. All 
these other packages depend specifically on libflac 4, so must be deseleted 
as wel.

I suspect that if libflac 6 really should replace libflac 4 it  should also 
provide package libflac 4 instead of simply conflicting with it.

Anyway, this seems like a libflac 6 bug. Did you report it ?


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