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nvidia io error in xopendisplay


i installed a pure64 debian from alioth some days ago and and can`t get the 
nvidia drivers working.

Dec 28 16:28:00 localhost kdm: :0[5941]: IO Error in XOpenDisplay
Dec 28 16:28:00 localhost kdm[5933]: X server for display :0 terminated 
Dec 28 16:28:00 localhost kdm[5933]: Display :0 cannot be opened
Dec 28 16:28:00 localhost kdm[5933]: Unable to fire up local display :0; 

Using the nv driver everything works fine, but using the nvidia driver the 
reported problem takes place. I commented out the dri and glcore load command 
in XF86Config-4 and declined to install the 32-bit compatibility stuff.

The kernel is a 2.6.10, but with a 2.6.9 i have the same problem.
The nvidia driver is the actual one from nvidia.com (6629).

Can anybody give me a hint, what's the problem?

 Frank Remetter

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