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Re: dchroot scripts

Kyle Rose <krose@krose.org> writes:

> So, the dchroot wrapper script suggestion in the FAQ is okay, but it
> doesn't really work in all cases because dchroot appears to sh -c
> ... without doing proper quoting on the underlying command.  Commands
> like
>   mplayer 'rtsp://'
> would choke because the shell would try to glob for ? and fail.

There are actually two separate problems with quoting in dchroot, and
they're both caused by interaction with su:

Bug #249655: "dchroot -d ls -l" broken: su tries to interpret -l switch
* dchroot doesn't call su with -- before the command, so su tries to
  interpret anything in the command that looks like one of it's options.

Bug #276419: su appends the positional args to the command line
* Using su username command arg1 arg2, su calls sh -c with the string
  "command arg1 arg2" using execv, instead of execvp. So spaces, etc.
  screw you up. If it used execvp, you wouldn't have to do the quoting.

I was swearing at dchroot yesterday, and came up with my own fix
(using python), although I patched dchroot to fix the first issue.

|David M. Cooke

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