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Bug in gpsdrive?

Hi there?

I've got a gps-reciever with a PL2303-serial-converter.
gpsd (v.2.3) works great with it an delievers the correct coords.

kismet works with the gpsd's data great, too.

But gpsdrive get into trouble.

The normal gpsdrive (against 64bit libs) gets data, but calculates the coords wrong. gpsdrive is alway more or less 1 minute in lat and lon away from the correct data of gpsd. This happens with a direct conenction from gpsdrive to the ttyUSB0 and with the connection gpsdrive->gpsd.

And no, something real amazing occurs:
On a 32bit SID (my other computer), gpsdrive behaves equal.
gpsd runs on the 64bit Debian in 64bit and gpsdrive on the 32bit machine calculate the coords wrong, too.
A gpsdrive on the 64bit machine in a 32bit chroot works great.
No problems (chroot is set up according to the Howto).
Even the connection to the mysql-server and the kismet-server works great.

Is it a bug?
Is it a feature?

I've got no experience in reporting bugs with bugtraq, so I post here at first.


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