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Re: amd64 build necessary to get nvidia nforce3 mobo working?

On Tue, Nov 16, 2004 at 10:41:18PM +0100, Alexandru Cabuz wrote:
> I know this question is probably better suited for an nividia linux
> forum (where I have posted it 2 minutes ago) but I thought I might
> check with people on this list too, maybe somebody knows.
> I recently bought an athlon64 nvidia nforce3 box, and have not been
> able to install anything except windows on it. I want to install
> Sarge, but the i386 build does not recognize the network or sound,
> both of which are integrated in the motherboard. The drivers provided
> by nvidia are binary and they will only install on a 64 bit kernel.
> My question is this:
> "Is there any way to get the ethernet and the sound going on nforce3
> in Sarge 386, that is, without installing the true amd64 port which is
> not yet finished, and which therefore might be more trouble than it's
> worth?"
> Note that I have already installed a minimal, text only, Sarge 386 on
> this box, WITH the forcedeth driver, and it does not see any ethernet
> interface at all, preventing me from doing a netinstall, which is the
> only install I can do without burning 10 CDs and besides, a computer
> that cannot get on the internet is useless (to me). It looks like the
> forcedeth driver in Sarge 386 is for nforce2, while I got nforce 3.
> Any suggestions would be helpful (I am at that experience level where
> I am just starting to crawl out of the newbie cave, and start seeing
> the light, instead of just the shadows on the wall, but my eyes still
> hurt).

So which motherboard is this, and which ethernet adapter and sound is it

My wife's laptop as a geforce 250 Go (which I believe is nforce3 based),
and as far as I remember sound worked fine on it, as did the network
port (I can't recall if it had broadcom or realtek for that one).  The
wireless broadcom of course didn't work yet (in 32bit mode ndiswrapper
should be an option, but in 64bit mode no such option).

Len Sorensen

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